Who We Are

I'm Mark Roberts. I've been coaching people into their best health since 2013 when I started Journeyman Fitness. I've been coaching longer than 2013 (I started coaching adults and students in rowing), but Journeyman Fitness was originally a brick and mortar gym.

In 2020, however, like most of the world, we went all online. And that's allowed us to really unlock success with our clients because of a very powerful mindset shift.

I know that getting in better shape is important to you. But is it the most IMPORTANT thing to you?

Because I know for most people I work with, their two big pillars in their life right now are work and their families.

They work hard so they can provide for their families. And if anything conflicts with those two, it falls in the priority list.

So what I find is: they start the year off with an enthusiasm for losing weight and getting fitter. And I commend them for that.

But when we shift our mindset, and realize when we eat to improve our work day, our attitude, and our energy for our two main priorities (work and family), all of sudden we hit new levels of success at work because we're eating with purpose.

As a side effect, because we're eating for a purpose, losing weight becomes easer and results are more consistent.

All without having to cut food groups out of your normal routine (think: paleo, vegetarianism, carnivore, etc) or going on weird diet kicks (think: juicing, all organic or non-hmo, etc).

Just good ole' fashion eating well and moving more.

And when you're internal dialogue is cheering you on because you're getting more productivity at work, earning more, and able to tolerate the stress of the day better - you're more apt to push further with your new healthy eating habits.

Investing In Nutrition Coaching Can Be Intimidating Because Everyone Promises The Moon. So How Do You Know You're Making The Right Choice?"

I know that investing in a nutrition coach doesn't sound exciting. But think of it as a business investment that focuses on food.

Too often we find that what we eat, although convenient in the moment, can make us feel sluggish, slow to thought, and unmotivated right in the middle of a busy workday.

Although we were able to escape the stress of the work day for 30-40 minutes, we've actually added more stress to our workday because we now have to make up for all of that time we were unproductive.

So, when we learn the systems that help us feel our best, perform at our best, and show up to presentations, meetings, and family time at 100%, we realize we're not just trying to lose 10 lbs by eating healthier, we're showing up as a better version of ourselves and a side-benefit of eating better is losing the extra weight.

I've been coaching people, particularly high performing financial executives, to improve their health and performance at work for years now - so this can work for someone who is already fit and trying to squeeze out that extra 5-10% of productivity that's going to separate him from his colleagues or someone who is just starting out.

I don't believe that you should go through your day trying to drag around that 2 PM slump after lunch. The extra weight around your midsection, and ....

You get the idea.

You are uber successful at work.

You've put in the years at your job. You've proven your worth and your value.

Your goals for work and your family are growing with each year. Vacations, pay raises, sweet bonuses at the end of the year.

Why can't your health match all of the success you see at work and with your family? Why is getting into shape so tough?

We're here to tell you and coach you through the exact process that shifts you from frustration to in alignment with your goals.

Imagine eating to support the big dreams for yourself instead of signing up for another 6 week challenge.

Or cutting out bread for the next several months to try and lose 5 lbs.

Once we get your family, work, and health goals in alignment, we hit the afterburners and take you into new territory where you can feel confident in yourself again.

We'll walk you through our easy to follow program that will spell out the simple steps to start seeing progress and how you can reflect each week and tweak your program to make sure you continue to see progress.

It's all pretty simple.

First, schedule a call with Coach Mark.

He'll ask you some simple questions about what your looking for and what's been getting in your way up until now. He'll go over how someone in your position would typically get started and what general expectations would be.

You'll have ample opportunity to review what the program looks like at every step and what feels accessible to you at this stage of your work / life balance.

There's no hard selling and we promise we won't call you on the phone and bother you. Think of it more like a free consultation combined with some fun "show and tell" as opposed to a canned sales pitch.

Next, choose a plan. You have a lot of features available to you. How do you know if you need them all? You might not. That's why it makes sense to chat with Coach Mark so you can see what you'll use ...and avoid paying for features you don't need.

Finally, watch your body transform! Coach Mark and Journeyman Fitness makes it easy to make critical changes to your eating plan and training so you see massive change with relatively easy adjustments to your routine.

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