How awesome would life be if you could get jobs done around the house without your back betraying you? Or worrying that you'll always be "like that"?

With this mini-workshop, we'll help you: 

  • Become Aware

    Understand why your joints and muscles get achy and stiff, and possibly cause serious problems down the road

  • Self-Assess

    identify what is causing your muscle imbalances and how to diagnose your restrictions

  • Get Out Of Pain

    customize an at-home, no equipment routine that'll help erase those stiff joints for good

  • Follow Your Own Path

    keep track of your progress with our own "routine builder" based upon where you start

Download the routine builder, join us for the workshop, and walk away with a customized program, designed by you, ready to use. 


Say hello to more freedom. 


Just a taste of what you'll get inside.

  • How to identify the actual problems causing your stiff and achy joints (it's more than "I have tight hamstrings" or "I need a stronger core")

  • The difference between a "tight" muscle and a "weak" muscle

  • The right timing for when to use a theragun to get the most relief (should it be before or after a workout, or never?)

  • A progression plan of movements so you always have options (even if you haven't worked out recently due to injury)

  • Specific routines for certain body parts so you can address what's ailing you (think: wrists, low back, knees, ankles, shoulder, etc)

  • Why static stretching won't fix your tight muscles, and how to address it

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Workshop is 

April 7th

@ Noon EST