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Mark Roberts

Owner, Coach

I’m never sure what should be on the “About” page. It’s always written in 3rd person by the owner and it always reads awkwardly.


I tried writing a short summary of the gym, but I quickly switched to writing it like a letter to a friend.

Which it kind of is.


So, here’s a little info for you.
Journeyman Fitness was started in 2013. We originally started off as just a CrossFit gym. Now, we're out of the physical space and helping you 100% remotely.


I’m sure you’re wondering, “Will these guys help me?”

And for many people, my answer is




Here’s why:

3 reasons to leave

  • Losing Weight Quickly

    You already know this. It takes time and consistency.

  • No investment = Bad time

    There is plenty of info you can just read elsewhere.

  • Hard work = Easy Life

    There is no shortcut. There is no finish line. There is only "the work."


I can't help you lose weight quickly

Let’s be honest – you already know this. If you need to lose 48 lbs in 5 days, this isn’t the place to be. No fad diets, no gimmicks, no “As Seen On Tv” pieces of exercise equipment.

Anyone who tells me they need to lose weight quickly, is in the mindset of people who want a “Get Rich Quick Scheme.” None of them work.

The process to transform your body is more than a few days of work – it’s habits and discipline that you must constantly be diligent about. However, the good news is – it’s gets easier the more you do it. But it still takes effort.


If you don't want to invest your time and resources into yourself, you're not going to enjoy my stuff

Start going to down the internet rabbit hole, and you can find whatever information you want about transforming your body, shedding unwanted weight, getting better cardio, and strengthening your core. None of what we teach is novel or earth shattering, simply because the fundamentals of better health haven’t changed.

The blog post and videos you consume will seem underwhelming because there is no “secret.” It’s committing to your own health and blocking out time to improve yourself that ensure you actually change your body.

Consuming information without action is a waste of your time. Either commit to making a change and investing in your self and “leveling up” or go watch a movie. It’s way more fun.


If you're looking for the easy way, I'm not going to help you

This is important. I want to help you, but I’m not going to.


Because when we hear someone who wants “the easy way”, we hear someone who is not fully invested in their long term physical health.

And that also tells us that they’re not ready to work.

Listen, training in the gym, being concious of what you eat, and checking in with a coach is HARD WORK. But once you have the routine and discipline going, it’s a much more enjoyable process. But it takes hard work to get to that point.

You still here?



Here’s what you can expect from me

  • Actionable strategies to help transform your body offered to you for free, followed by:

  • Blatant sales pitches

Can you believe I just told you I’m going to make blatant sales pitches to you? Why wouldn’t I?

I mean, c’mon – I'm not a non-profit. This is my, and many other people’s livelihood. Plus, and here’s one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned:


What you spend your dollars on tells me what you think is important. 

However, right before I ask you to invest in your health (aka spend money on coaching or training), I’ll give you some amazing free info that you can use immediately.

The idea is you’ll say, “Man, this free stuff is awesome and it really helped me. I think I’ll try the paid stuff.”

Pretty simple, right?

A smart man, Frank Kern, calls this process, “The Ol’ Demonstrate that you can actually help them by actually helping them trick.”

Works like a charm.

But you still might be wondering:

How do I know your stuff will work?

Right now, you probably don’t know. But you can read my free stuff.

If you like the free stuff, you’ll like the training.

If you don’t like it, you probably won’t like the training and coaching.

But, I think some self-effacing biography lesson is probably due at this point.

I played sports for a lot of my childhood. I was an eagle scout and was outside constantly – camping, hiking, exploring, traveling, etc

Not that I was a naturally born athlete and destined for the MLB until a shoulder injury derailed me. No, in fact, I would call myself an average joe at best.

I rowed in high school and college while earning a Mechanical Engineering degree. And that’s where I really hit a wall in my own physical development.

Before, I felt strong and in shape, almost despite my terrible lifestyle habits. Homework would keep me up until 1 AM and then I would wake up at 5 AM for practice during colllege. I would walk everywhere, and if I felt a little chunky – I would have one or two less muffins for breakfast and easily shed that little jiggly that I became self conscious of.

But once I became a working professional – everything was different. And I couldn’t figure out why. I still believed that I was an “athlete” but without me being aware – I was growing my waistline like I was getting paid to do it.

I sat at home, I sat in my car on the way to work, I sat at work, i sat in the car on the way home, and I sat on the couch in the evening as I watched tv and movies.

I went out to eat at lunch pretty often and spent a lot of my weekends exploring new restaurants and bars with friends.

“I’m eating clean,” I would tell myself, “Why am I getting fatter?”

The blog posts and magazines would always tell me that it was this one food that I was eating, like bread, that was ruining my health.

The super muscular guy in the office was know to work out twice a day for 30 minutes each time, so he obviously found the “secret.”

And every day I was surrounded by other office workers who were also growing their waistline, so when I finally noticed I was getting overweight, it was noticeable.

Enter in – my buddy Sam, who invited me for a run one Friday morning before work. It was a 5K and I had been running a lot at that point, so I was excited to show him and his workout buddies that I wasn’t a slouch.

However, before I went running, we did a simple warm up (well, simple for Sam) that consisted of

3 rounds

10 Samson Stretch

10 Push ups

10 sit ups

10 pull ups

10 Air Squats

Yeah, I got floored by the pull ups. How was I supposed to complete 30 pull ups? That seems inhuman!

Well, here was the first experience I had with accountability in the gym. Sam, being the phenom that he was, was showing me exactly how I needed to workout to get results. I modeled my eating off of his – with me tweaking what I enjoyed so I didn’t get bored – and he would text me in the mornings when I wasn’t at the gym exactly at 6 AM.

Training, Nutrition, Accountability. The magic three.

As my body changed, i consumed videos and books on training and nutrition like it was my job. I was obsessed because I was empowered with the idea of:

“I’m 100% in control of how I treat my body.”

ANd everytime I ate, I was affecting change. And because I choose what I ate deliberately, I was affecting the change i wanted.

I had to share this with all of the other engineers who I worked with.

Fast forward several years later, I did a few things:

  • Realized not everyone was ready to change their health like I was

  • Realized not everyone wanted to change their body exactly like I wanted, some had their own goals

  • Realized that not one way of eating was the answer

  • Realized there needed to be a dedicated place (which I created) where these three pillars of fitness could be implemented for other professionals.

We’ve run several hundred people through our transformation programs and the programs continue to get better and better every iteration (spoken like a true engineer).

Here’s what I will help you with specifically

My main focus is to help you transform your health and therefore transform your life.

I do this by integrating the three pillars of health (Training, Nutrition, Accountability) in one single program that you want to do and that fits your abilities.

It is, in my opinion, the finest gym program you’ll find. And the reason why many people stall in their progress when they work out on their own.

I also focus on shifting your goals when you hit your initial weight loss benchmark. What do you want to do now that you can run, jump, lift, and have more energy?

Here’s my first sales pitch to you:

Go to the home page and watch some videos I’ve posted for your education. They’re free and you’ll learn a bunch of stuff.

If you like them, sign up for our 6 week challenge. Or, if you need and want more attention, we have personalized programs in our 12 week VIP program.

If they help you, considering working with us for a whole year when we make the offer.

Pretty simple, right?

Thanks for reading this all the way down to the end. Now get to work!

Coach Mark


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