Turning Dad Bods into

Father Figures

Your relationship to dieting and food is now no longer about just yourself. 
Your family is watching what you do and also relying on you to provide and be strong. 


However, the problem isn't a weight loss problem.

We've all been successful losing weight.  

The problem is maintaining the weight we want. 


If you've been struggling to lose that belly fat and you're looking for lifestyle changes that help both you and your family - you've come to the right place. 

The Site Is Currently Being Built

Please pardon our dust.... (heh heh)


Sorry, terrible metaphor. 


But, the site looks super ugly right now. Please excuse that. 

We're revamping the entire business since going all online and need to incorporate some new, super cool features for you. 


As soon as they are done - even a skeleton page or element - the website will be updated. But you should definitely look around for a couple of things that you can enjoy right now:


  • A membership site if you're a current client
  • Some short term programs and challenges in the membership site if you want to tryout something
  • A link to our free Facebook group, where there is a ton of free content and stuff
  • Blog posts that tell you exactly how to lose weight without going crazy (no guarantees unless you become a client though)

So, thanks for being patient. 


We'll be working super hard and building out this thing. 

We'll be getting it from existing --> functional --> complete --> sexy

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