Feeling Overwhelmed in Class? Try these tips (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced)


It really is pretty simple – you just have to get started.

But if you’re beginning to workout, it may seem a bit overwhelming or anxiety inducing coming into a gym.


Well, for me, I noticed that I put a lot of pressure on myself to “know” exactly what I should be doing even though I was so new to the movements I couldn’t tell you the difference between a power clean and a squat clean. And I had no idea what a kipping pull up was.

Did I have to know what those terms meant when I first got started? No.

But to help combat the feelings of being “the dunce of the class”, I recommend three things

For beginners – all of the movements that are performed in class are shown in videos on youtube. Seriously. There is no movement that hasn’t been described, demonstrated, or analyzed on youtube. Which is a great resource for you to comb either the night before or the morning before a workout.

Yes, you may not be good at the movement. But at least you’re mentally prepared for what is going to happen in class. 

Now, for the people who already know what the movements are, you’re task is to look up coaching on how to “remove restrictions” around the movement.

For instance, let’s say that we’re performing some kind of overhead press.

Can you lock your arms out over head? Is there any pain when lifting something over your head?

Look up routines / flows / mobility sequences that can help you regain your positions. This will help you lift more, move with less pain, and help you build strength because now you can exert yourself in weak positions (think: the bottom of a squat).

Lastly, if you’re an advanced mover – now it’s time to talk about efficiency tips. There are athletes who are a lot better than you. There are coached who know a lot more than you.

They all put videos and content on the internet to help their athletes and you move more efficiently through exercises and particular workouts.

For instance, adopting a wider grip on the jerk will allow for less bar distance traveled overhead. If you’re performing 60 jerks, that distance really adds up. Is it the most comfortable for your jerk position if you’re lifting a max weight? No. But if it’s a submaximal weight, holding the bar slightly wider than normal won’t irritate your shoulders and allow you to cycle a bit faster.


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