Building Your Core – For Beginners!

What do you want more than anything else from going to the gym?

Well, if it’s not 6 pack abs, then it has to be a stronger core, right?

I mean, if your back hurts or you’ve got movement issues – it’s a problem with your core, right?

Well, it may be a little more than just your core, but your core is pretty important. And, training your core is more involved than just doing sit ups and planks.

You need to build:



So, how do you do that if you’re a beginner? Or if your back hurts you when you move? That’s really tough to training around when sit ups are not on your list of approved exercises.

But there is hope: there is the Big 3 from Dr. Stuart McGill out of Waterloo.

These three exercises:

The Curl Up

The Side Plank

Bird Dogs

Can help build stability in the midsection and allow you to train without aggravating your low back or a past injury.

Start with 3:00 total of work.

You can split it up into :30 segments to share the load, but you can also build by a little bit as the weeks go on.


So, who’s heard of this before?

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